The Use Of Essential Oils Promotes A Sense of Well-Being, Relaxation​, and Balance. 

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The plant kingdom supplies us with food, shelter, medicine and oxygen. We know from archaeological finds that plants were used for medicinal purposes, dating far back before recorded history. Methods of use were passed down from generation to generation. ​​Modern pharmaceuticals owe their existence largely to plants. Plant extracts yield essential oils, the life-essence of the plant which protects it from predators and disease. Use of these extracts in specific ways can help to promote relaxation, balance moods, and foster a sense of well-being, often in a subtle manner.

Fields of Lavender


Cananga Odorata; Botanical Family: Annonaceae (tropical trees)

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are a specialty type of product and must be selected carefully from reputable suppliers who provide pure unadulterated oils. Not to be confused with synthetics such as plug-in air fresheners, fabric sprays, and scented candles. Molecules emitted from synthetics have no therapeutic value and can make us feel unwell as our brains have difficulty processing them. Essential Oils are extracts derived from the petals, stems, leaves, bark, roots and rinds of plants. The extraction process is a highly specialized process, typically, but not limited to, distillation, an ancient technique where plants are steamed to separate the Essential Oils. Essential Oils are volatile, meaning that they evaporate quickly if left exposed to air, and can lose potency if exposed to ultraviolet light. Essential Oils use requires training and studying to safely and effectively use them. There are thousands of published studies and scientific data to validate the efficacy essential oils, you can find an example on Petal Potion's contact page. Most oils are safe for use but there are exceptions: with babies, animals, and with certain medical conditions such as pregnancy and epilepsy. Always consult your health care provider for advice before use.

My path to Essential Oil certification (known as Aromatherapy in layman's terms) started in 1993 at the Catherine Hinds Institute, north of Boston, where I was enrolled in the Spa Esthetics Program. It was there that I was introduced to Essential Oils, noticing their remarkable effects on the clients. In 1994, I had the good fortune of training with Jimm Harrison, a legend in the Essential Oil arena. Essential Oils are always with me wherever I go, as my friends and family will attest to. For over 26 years I have lectured and conducted educational classes on Essential Oils, sharing my passion and joy for these magnificent gifts from Nature. I created this business to bring forward the knowledge to those who are interested in using Essential Oils.

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